A beautiful, sweet spirit passed away Saturday, August 31, 2019 after a long fight with cancer. Our sister, Katrina Jackson Dennis fought a difficult disease which took her from us too soon and shortened the life of a talented young woman.  She battled breast cancer since 2015. She was 40.
The Beautiful Spirit of the Ivy Still Grows
Beyond The Wall
Our beautiful Katrina  will never live out what was certain to be an extraordinary life. She was loving, beautiful, intelligent, successful, loyal and 'fierce'.  She was one of a kind and possessed both style and panache! A charter member of Omega Eta Omega Chapter, she was there to serve from our days as an interest group through our chapter chartering and beyond. 
Sadly, there are others struggling with this horrible disease.  As a memorial to a life ended too soon, we kindly ask that you make a donation which will be given in her name for Breast Cancer research. The donation will ensure that the life of Katrina Dennis will not have been in vain, but will selflessly help others who face the challenge of this struggle.

Help Us To Help Others struggling with this horrible disease. Help us to honor a beautiful, sweet spirit taken from us far too soon. When many hands pull together, much can be achieved. Your kind donation will benefit breast cancer research and will be made in honor of Katrina Jackson Dennis.